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January 1, 2019

I'm in my 50's and fairly active. Biking, spin cycling, free weights, etc. I started to have some pain in both shoulders and was eventually diagnosed with two frozen shoulders. My primary care physician prescribed physical therapy. Until then, I had never had a reason to go to a physical therapist and feeling rather smug about it. Honestly, I had half a notion to just tough it out and work on getting better with my own gym and home routines. After a period of a couple of weeks it was clear that the pain was not getting any better.

I have two family members who are in the medical profession here in Lincoln, one of which works at a pediatric physical therapy office and I often confer with them when I need a health care professional. They both recommended I try to see Nick Reiss at Complete Physical Therapy.

I had heard and read from several sources that a frozen shoulder is one of the most painful things to overcome and some people reported needing therapy for several years. Because I had two frozen shoulders, I was a bit nervous about what was ahead.

From the beginning to the end (approx 4 months)....Nick and his team of professionals were attentive to my every need. My appointments always started on time, were filled with a variety of activities, never repetitive, and always productive. I was continually impressed with their ability to read my level of comfort and also in finding those trigger points that needed the most work. I felt like I was listened to and always supported no matter what mood I was in when I arrived. I had some accountability too. At the end of each appointment I was given an assignment of work to do at home and was asked about my progress on my next appointment. We were all working on the same goal.

I might also add that there was a certain amount of personal 'bedside manner'. The team took time to get to know me and would ask me about things that were important in my life. This conversation was often a great distraction to any of the exercises that we might be doing that were uncomfortable/painful for me.

With out a doubt I would highly recommend Complete Physical Therapy to anyone needing a knowledgeable team of professionals. I consistently felt so much better after my sessions and honestly couldn't wait to get there because I knew that I had some hard work to do but also knew that I was in very good hands.

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