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September 8, 2014

"I have had two great experiences with the therapists at Complete Physical Therapy. Both of the therapists were very caring, passionate, professional and knowledgeable.

Initially, I worked with Anya on some tightness I was experiencing with my chest and arm after a surgery.  It only took a few appointments to eliminate the tightness and relieve my pain. Anya used her knowledge about lymphedema to thoroughly answer all of my questions.

I also worked with Kevin on back pain.  I was very impressed with his expertise, and the individual attention given to address and alleviate my pain. He explained in great detail why I was doing each exercise; and demonstrated how to correctly perform them at home. He made sure I understood and did each exercise correctly before dismissing me.

The staff and therapists at Complete Physical Therapy are awesome and I would recommend them to my family and friends."

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