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Linda Geisert
September 8, 2014

"In January, 2012, I had surgery for a very mangled rotator cuff. After three weeks of immobilization, I went to Nick for physical therapy. My shoulder was weak and stiff, and movement was painful. I was afraid: Would rehab hurt? Would I regain full use of my arm and shoulder? I knew rotator cuff rehab was difficult.

Nick immediately put me at ease. He’s incredibly kind, personable, and really knows his stuff. I’m an information junkie – I like to know all the details and understand the process. Using the surgeon’s notes and a model, Nick explained the damage and how it had been repaired. I was taught clearly how to do my exercises and what each was designed to do.  When I used improper technique, or took a short cut, he noticed and gently corrected me.

I ask a lot of questions. Why does this make a popping sound? Is it OK if I do this? What's this bump – is that normal? I could always ask. And every time, every time, Nick treated my question with respect and explained what was going on.

Some aspects of physical therapy are painful – there’s no way around saying that. How do you get a patient to return time and time again, and continue to do the exercises at home, in spite of the pain? Nick listened and understood. During especially tough rehab moments, he was willing to wait until I was comfortable again before he continued. When I was discouraged, Nick encouraged and reassured me. He celebrated each improvement right along with me.

Nine months later, I have almost full use of my arm.  Nick explained it will take another few months, but full use is possible. After nearly 15 years of limitations, then the struggles after surgery, I’m thrilled with all I can do now.

Nick' professional skills are exceptional, but what impressed me the most was his caring and understanding. He took the time to educate me and make me a partner in my recovery. He nurtured the trust that is so essential for treatment. And I saw him do that for every patient in the room, every time I was there, for nine months!

Part psychologist, part cheerleader. Super physical therapist.  A trusted friend.

Thank you, Nick, for the best medical care I've ever had!"

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