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September 19, 2018

I was successfully released today from Physical Therapy. I was referred by my doctor because I was walking with a limp and could not seem to bounce back after surgery in January and a subsequent low back injury that settled in my right hip and leg, impairing my ability to walk without pain and the limp. By the time I was referred the pain had subsided somewhat but I had some very bad walking habits that were negatively affecting my body.

I worked one on one with either Amberly Byington or Debbie Dugan. They were a wonderful team providing me with guidance in how to strengthen my back and right hip and lower right side of my body. They taught me corrective movements and exercises to do in gradual increments in a way that I could tolerate without becoming overwhelmed or discouraged and that had the wonderful benefit of strengthening those areas. They were both so respectful and encouraging as they took me through each movement and patiently worked with me until I understood the exercise enough to do it on my own.
Each session lasted a full hour which gave me plenty of time to become familiar with what I was being taught that day as I practiced each movement several times. I also had time to ask questions and both Amberly and Debbie were good in explaining the body mechanics and rationale for why each exercise was important and how it would help me.

Over the weeks that I worked with them and did follow-up work at home I started to feel stronger; my walking began to improve and I am no longer dealing with the pain and restrictions I had when I began the work. I find that I even have more energy. I didn’t realize until I began to feel better how much energy it was taking to navigate my body in its compromised state.

Amberly and Debbie provided positive encouragement in a supportive, non-judgmental and friendly atmosphere that helped me feel comfortable about trying new things. I learned so much from them and feel so grateful for the gift of the therapy and guidance these two wonderful therapists provided. Thanks to their expertise, I have my body back and have learned some effective ways to continue to strengthen it and keep it strong.

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