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Nick Reiss
August 8, 2016

After having knee replacement surgery, I knew I needed a highly skilled physical therapist who would
give me the best possible treatment. I spoke with several friends who had used various physical
therapists, but one of my good friends' recommendations of Nick stood out from the rest. Even though
he is located on the other side of town from where I live, he is so good that the distance became
unimportant. I realize there are qualified physical therapists in my area, but the ones I had worked with
in the past didn't seem as knowledgeable or dedicated as Nick. Nick knows how to give his clients the
best of what they need to get better. I will sing his praises to anyone in need of physical therapy.

Nick, along with his employees, is friendly, caring, helpful, and always encouraging. His goal is to get his
clients back to leading a normal life that includes the activities they enjoy. I was thrilled to be able to
attend Husker baseball games again last season which I hadn't been able to do the previous year.

I enjoyed my time with Nick very much. He made working hard to improve a pleasure.

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