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March 3, 2016

After a total knee replacement, Renee Dominy helped me assess my current situation and set goals for where I wanted to be after physical therapy was finished. She set up a plan of graduated exercises, following closely what had been done in the hospital, then increasing in motion and scope. Her knowledge of how the body works and her clear explanations of why each exercise was important aided my understanding of what needed to be done to get back to a more normal life. She had to deal with other issues as well, such as pain in other areas, that forced modifications to the exercises. She asked how I felt each session, and her listening skills and modifications kept the progress going each session. No matter how I felt before the sessions, I always felt better afterwards.

Careful attention to detail marks Renee's style. Measurements are taken regularly, and documentation occurs every session. Progress is evident from the documented items and her constant encouragement helps keep things going in positive directions. When exercising, she monitors with a watchful eye to ensure proper technique for the utmost benefit. Her explanations of how to do the exercises at home include how to watch for improper technique and correct it immediately. She also questions if an exercise is too hard right now, and listens to what you say before continuing or changing.

The entire staff at Complete Physical Therapy works as a team. Friendliness, helpfulness and professionalism are evident in everything they do, from scheduling weeks in advance to billing explanations to the physical therapy. I would recommend Complete Physical Therapy to anyone needing these types of services, and highly recommend Renee as a partner in your rehabilitation process.

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