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The products referenced on this website are health aids that are sometimes recommended by our physical therapists to assist patients in their treatment and rehabilitation.  Recommendations are made on a case by case basis.  Complete Physical Therapy, its physical therapists and employees do not receive any compensation from the companies who make these products. If any person purchasing one of these products experiences any issue, you must contact the company responsible for manufacturing the product.  Complete Physical Therapy, its physical therapists and employees are not responsible for any issues with any product referenced on this website.  It is recommended that all individuals consult a physician or other health care professional before starting an exercise program or using any products referenced on our website.  As with any product, it is recommended that all manufacturer warnings and instructions be observed and adhered to.  Complete Physical Therapist, its therapists and staff are not responsible nor liable for any claim, injury or loss, physical or otherwise, in any way connected with any products referenced on this website.
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