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The Morning Routine

Your alarm is going off, and as you reach for the snooze you are aware of how comfortable the bed feels compared to the chilly bedroom air. Seemingly, seconds later, the beeping starts up again and now maybe you are forced to get up. Does this sound familiar? It does for me. As a recovering snooze-a-holic, I had to acknowledge I had a problem–too little sleep.

There are many motivations for a solid morning routine:

    • – Improved heart health; a lack of sleep is associated with cardiovascular disease (1)
      – Strengthened immune system (2)
      – Many others, including increases in physical energy, and improved function of your brain
      – Hormone regulation and boosted metabolism (2)

For many people, pain while lying down can inhibit their sleep. Lying on your side can cause shoulder issues, and rolling to your front can cause low back/pelvic issues. Do you wake up with neck pain or other joint pain? This doesn’t have to be the case. The therapists at Complete Physical Therapy can help you get the sleep you need to improve your health.

We start bright and early at Complete Physical Therapy! Jump start your morning routine and join me at 7AM. I’d love to help you problem solve ways to improve the quality of your sleep.

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Tom Kruse, PT, MPT, MTC