What Pelvic Health Therapy Really Looks Like

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What Pelvic Health Therapy Really Looks Like

Recently, there has been a growing awareness in the world of pelvic health and pelvic floor physical therapy, and I LOVE it! But, with the increasing awareness there is still quite a bit of misunderstanding-people are just getting the “tip of the iceberg.”

So, I wanted to delve in a bit deeper and take a look at some of the important things we cover in pelvic health physical therapy, because believe it or not, kegels are not all we teach AND they are not always recommended!!

A pelvic floor PT will first perform an evaluation, and in many cases this involves an internal evaluation of the pelvic floor muscles. This evaluation can assist in determining the optimal treatment for bowel and bladder health, sexual and reproductive health, SI joint and low back pain, as well as pre & post-natal care.

Treatment plans will be tailored to each individual,but should include, first and foremost, EDUCATION, as well as exercise prescription. Breath, core, and pelvic floor coordination are all incredibly intricate parts of pelvic health. This may or may not include kegels, depending on each person’s specific needs. IF kegels are indicated,training for proper performance and implementation of kegels is crucial.

  • Bowel and bladder retraining – did you know that you shouldn’t pee every time you pull into your driveway, or when you hear water running, or every time you jump, or lift heavy objects, etc.? These symptoms can be common, but they are not normal, and you do NOT have to live with them!
  • SI Joint, tailbone, and low back pain – it is no wonder that these have been linked to the pelvic floor issues, since we have muscles that attach to and coordinate with these areas.
  • Sexual and reproductive health – sexual encounters with your significant other should be enjoyable and NOT painful. If you are having unwanted pain with intercourse, we can help with that.
  • Pre & post natal care – growing a human and delivering a baby is a BIG deal! A woman’s body goes through tremendous changes during and after pregnancy, and it requires tremendous care to (re)establish homeostasis following delivery -whether delivery is vaginal or c-section. I mean, can you imagine undergoing any other major event/surgical intervention and NOT rehabilitating??

If you have questions about or need help with your pelvic health, contact us at 402-483-0006 or via email at office@completeptlincoln.com. We have an excellent team of therapists that specialize in pelvic health and rehabilitation that would love to help you!