10 Tips to a Healthier You

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10 Tips to a Healthier You

1. Start Out Small – More than likely, in the past, you have tried to change everything all at once and very few of your intentions stuck for good. The answer to staying committed for life is to start small. Making a single change every week, instead of overwhelming yourself with a bunch of changes all at once, will create healthy habits that last a lifetime.

2. Find Your Motivation – Motivation is what keeps you on the path to success. Whether it is good social support, music, getting stronger, or just fitting into an old pair of jeans. Find out what fuels you, tap into it, and use it!

3. Do NOT Deprive Yourself – Eliminating foods entirely can end up making you want them more. It is better to find healthy alternatives to the foods you love. For example, instead of using regular sour cream substitute with plain greek yogurt.

4. Consistency Is Key – The key to losing weight and keeping it off is consistency! Planning your meals and exercise around your busy schedule will eliminate excuses and create deep-rooted healthy habits. You need to be 100% all in to be successful. Remember, this isn’t a quick fix- this is a lifestyle change.

5. Find Healthy Foods You Love – According to www.choosemyplate.gov it can take up to a dozen times for people to accept new foods. Start out by eating the healthy foods you already enjoy and slowly introduce new ones. If you have been on a solid sugar and salt diet for years, it will take some getting used to. Sooner than you think, those cravings will decrease and nutritious foods will sound more appealing.

6. Explore New Forms Of Exercise – Experience different types of exercise until you find one that you enjoy. Finding physical activity that you enjoy will feel less like a chore and more like fun!

7. Beat Indulgence By Planning Ahead – An essential part of weight loss is occasionally enjoying your favorite snack or meal. When you know you’re going to splurge, take the stairs, ride your bike, or work out ten extra minutes to burn those extra calories that you will be consuming.

8. Have Compassion For Yourself – Sometimes, we give into temptations and eat foods we hadn’t planned on eating. That’s okay! It doesn’t pay to dwell on something that has already happened. Forgive yourself, and move on.

9. Continue to Set New Goals – As you progress, it is important to set new goals for yourself. This will keep you motivated and reduce the chances of hitting a plateau.

10. Envision A Healthier You – For some of you this may be hard to visualize, especially if you have struggled with your weight your entire life. A healthier you, isn’t feeling like you have to look like a movie star. It is about feeling better and being the best version of yourself, not anyone else.